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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


This morning I posted my list for callbacks... oh yeah and sorry if you were not aware that I was going on the field trip today Mr. Sean sir, I thought about it after we were leaving and felt kind of like a jerk for coming to class, posting my callbacks, then just leaving, so sorry if my whereabouts were not known... Today I saw "sexual perversity in Chicago" and it was a good play, not great but good... All in all it was the story we have seen a thousand times, without the happy ending, but it is the journey to that point that made it interesting... I liked the characters, the first thing I noticed was how different they all were... Getting passed the cussing, the dialogue is done well except it seemed a bit before the time in which it was set... The set itself I loved... Almost an industrial type feel with the construction in the back, and having the two main rooms alter back and forth was a good touch... lighting was nothing special, but done well also... I would give it one thumb at a 45 degree angle and one thumb down... Not that I hated it though, I had a good time, I laughed, and besides the girl behind me texting her friend, and being tested while her phone was on vibrate, it was a splendid afternoon... I am thinking about doing callbacks a little differently... With the time given I think I will have each person read the script, tell them which parts I would like them to read for, and work with groups on each individual character... Not for a long time but just to get a feel of how they see and act out the character... I will also want to see the composition of them on stage... I mean all of my characters are lined up in front and I need them to look like they belong... I need the family to look like a family, and the friends to look around the same age... I need each actor to look the age, that would be ideal, but if they can act the age it might overcome their looking young... Well now I must be off to finish my first draft and hopefully smooth it out also... When I write it is rough draft, smoothing out, adding more or taking out certain things, and smoothing it out once again, so it will be a while I do believe...


At 7:24 PM, Blogger Nick said...

I saw that play today too! I think I will also write up what I thought of it. Good luck tomorrow! Seeya then!


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