Tantalizing Speech

Friday, February 24, 2006


"Hey, I'm sorry for the way... I blew up... Can I make it up to you?" Roger (RENT)... Any way I just wanted to say good job you guys, with your scene from "Crimes Of The Heart"... I am sure it was stupendous, and I wish I could have gone to watch and cheer you guys on, I am the "Crimes groupie" after all... Congratulations to Ginger, and Nick for their awards... I also heard from a little bird that Sean got some good compliments as well, Congrats... Did you guys see any really good scenes, or in that case any bad scenes? I will see you guys at school tomorrow... Oh yeah Damn, I have to do the skit... I want to go to first and third tomorrow... Maybe I just won't do the skit, heheheh... Well good night all! Oh yeah, Nick... I started to get some tunes in my head for your podcast, I will try to get it out on paper tonight...


At 12:13 AM, Blogger Jerry Byrnes said...

Hey Nick, this is Jerry, found your blog off of Sean and Nick J's pages.

Dude, you should totally call Sean.. in about 9 hours and ask him if you can come!

And no worries, your skit was amazing. Especially the disco ball.

- Jerry

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Nick said...

Great job on your skit!!! Mr. Patha!
Sweet. Can't wait to hear the song!


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