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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Day 2 of auditioning

So today was a new day, and new actors came which made me feel delightfully spontaneous so I whipped it out!!! The script that is, I was not going to show the script until I had finished but I needed to know what it actually sounded like, because I could finish it, then have people read it and end up hating it... So it was a good learning experience for me... To hear my words spoken, not exactly how I had envisioned, yet knowing that other interpretations may work just as well was an interesting thing to watch on stage... Yesterday I had not planned on having the actors do the whole story thing on stage until I saw how the cold reads were going... After seeing their monologues, and cold reads of the other plays I knew what they could do with material given to them... Cold reads are not at the top of my list when it comes to auditioning people, because I would rather see what they could do when prepared... So what other way to hear some great all natural acting, then asking someone to tell you a story, I mean the emotions are there for they lived it... I figured that since my play is dialogue driven, I would just see how well a story could be told by them; center stage, alone, and off guard, not knowing what to expect next, while meeting some other qualifications of mine without even knowing it... To see their natural instincts on stage, by telling a true life story helped me get an idea of their personalities, and where and how far they go when it comes to heightened emotions, or in extreme situations, which helped me do a little bit of the "oh she would be good here, or he isn't so good for this like I thought he would be" ... Now I must narrow the field and see just who I want and hope that the other fabulous directors do not want them as well...


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Seanjay said...

-You should get into staged readings... a very cool aspect of theatre.

-Yes, but prepared auditions tell you nothing about how the actor works. Since the prepared part is only one seventh of the time you are with the actor, some insight into their process might be useful.

One of the best auditions I had was when we were asked to prepare a joke to tell after our monologues.

Your story idea is perfect considering your process for this show. Be mindful of when you have a show with distinct characters that you find interesting ways to see if your auditioners can fit into their world (Telling a personal story won't help you gain too much insight into how well they can play Lady Macbeth).

Bravo! Onward!


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