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Monday, January 30, 2006

And the auditions go on!!!!

I was not sure if you wanted me to leave a post or just another comment after yours dear Sean sir, so i guess i will do both... For my one act, i need strong story tellers... so i decided that instead of a cold read i would make them go onstage, and tell a story of something that has happened to them in the past year or so... I was looking for the naturalness of it, the truthfulness, and of course if one messed up or stumbled that they could pick it up with ease... I told them to do the story again with something going on, such as one just has received a call that they were fired, or that they had just attended a funeral, or that they forgot to take their prosac and are in the midst of an emotional breakdown... I just wanted to see how they would react to the unusual circumstances, because my script has a lot of unusual circumstances, and i needed to see how they gave off emotion while telling a story, and setting a clear goal... I may have a scene where someone is telling a normal story but they are frantic, because of some trauma... i need to know how far i can take the script that is still in the works... if that makes any sense... Ok i had mispelled it on purpose but when you asked me about it it started bothering me, because i have a real thing about not spelling words right... so thanks alot sir!!! Lol


At 12:16 AM, Blogger Nick said...

Yeah, I quite liked the way you handled the audition. I guess it's appropriate since your kind of gonna be writing the script with the cast. Let's hope we get the double the talent tomorrow.

At 4:59 AM, Blogger Seanjay said...

This is an excellent example of using the audition process to discover things about your actors that will be useful to you. Great idea; had you planned it before, or did it come to you during the process yesterday?


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