Tantalizing Speech

Sunday, April 02, 2006


So today. On this early morning... What time is it? 4, 5? Anyway, I have decided to spring a new leaf on my life... I am no longer going to let things slip away from me by means of an ugly disease known as laziness... I do not want to waste away, and let my dreams become nothing but another star, caving in on itself, sucking all life around into its void of nothingness... (sorry a little tired, and sick) but I hold true to it... it may sound cheesey like macaroni, but I will not let it spoil as such a food... I just need to feel like I am doing something with my life, or what is the point of being here at all? I mean this year has been great for me... I found a true calling, but I can not just expect it to to fall into my lap...

Homo, over and out, Nick

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dancing Shoes With, Sunday Blues

So I have finally finished my script, and smoothed it out... I am actually very proud of it, and I hope that when it is performed on stage that the emotion, and thought is translated to the fullest extent...
So I will be rehearsing in the one thousand hall after school until tech week, because it fits the new theme of the set of the play... I decided to have the over all feeling of the set, an alley way... Lighting will set drama into motion as the fully lit set with it's eight inhabitants placed ever so strategically will look nothing more than a large trash can (dumpster) a spray painted wall, garbage, chairs, et cetera... The stage right portion, after the lights are blacked out and a warm, soft light is illuminated towards it will look like a bedroom... I have each part of the stage set up to different lighting as such so that when the stage is fully lit, it is an alley way, but when the specific areas are focused on it looks like an actual place, for all of the rest of the stage will be blacked out...

It to me creates this world where individually these areas are just regular, constrained, society, whereas when all is lit up these places connect, like the characters to create the literal and metaphorical bareness, of truth, and intrinsic state of being as that of an alley...
I hope this made a little bit of sense and did not sound like rambling...
Yours Truly, Nick

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I am So Proud!!!!

Hey again!! I just wanted to say how proud I am of Nick for winning an award yet again... And of my Kelley... I am proud of the whole cast!! I wish I could have gone, but I think it was good idea for me to sleep in though, I had totally lost my voice and was exhausted, and you know that if I can't sing along to the RENT soundtrack that I have nothing to live for so it was for the best... Big hugs and kisses to all and great job once again!!

Friday, February 24, 2006


"Hey, I'm sorry for the way... I blew up... Can I make it up to you?" Roger (RENT)... Any way I just wanted to say good job you guys, with your scene from "Crimes Of The Heart"... I am sure it was stupendous, and I wish I could have gone to watch and cheer you guys on, I am the "Crimes groupie" after all... Congratulations to Ginger, and Nick for their awards... I also heard from a little bird that Sean got some good compliments as well, Congrats... Did you guys see any really good scenes, or in that case any bad scenes? I will see you guys at school tomorrow... Oh yeah Damn, I have to do the skit... I want to go to first and third tomorrow... Maybe I just won't do the skit, heheheh... Well good night all! Oh yeah, Nick... I started to get some tunes in my head for your podcast, I will try to get it out on paper tonight...

Saturday, February 04, 2006


I finished my script... now all i need to do is smooth out the edges, edit out the language and read over... I went in a direction that i was not planning on going but i just let things flow and it happened... after i finish smoothing it out, later tonight i will write more about it, so that all of you kiddies will know what it is all about... "Until then, But now"

Friday, February 03, 2006

The story, Philadelphia

Ok so we blocked act one for The Philadelphia Story, and I have been trying this new method on building a character... I am trying to rehearse as little as possible, to the point where my lines are not the same every time, and help me feel like the dialogue coming from my mouth is natural ... But there in lies a dilemma... I am a total outside in actor, and I have not really fully drawn myself into the character physically yet, so although my dialogue feels natural it still is not in character, so I am going to have to do some more character work than I usually do and soon... I have titled my one act, "Dancing Shoes, With Sunday Blues"... When you see the play you will understand it... But now I am off because I need to practice my song for the musical... And Nick Jackson should come over and do the same!!!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


This morning I posted my list for callbacks... oh yeah and sorry if you were not aware that I was going on the field trip today Mr. Sean sir, I thought about it after we were leaving and felt kind of like a jerk for coming to class, posting my callbacks, then just leaving, so sorry if my whereabouts were not known... Today I saw "sexual perversity in Chicago" and it was a good play, not great but good... All in all it was the story we have seen a thousand times, without the happy ending, but it is the journey to that point that made it interesting... I liked the characters, the first thing I noticed was how different they all were... Getting passed the cussing, the dialogue is done well except it seemed a bit before the time in which it was set... The set itself I loved... Almost an industrial type feel with the construction in the back, and having the two main rooms alter back and forth was a good touch... lighting was nothing special, but done well also... I would give it one thumb at a 45 degree angle and one thumb down... Not that I hated it though, I had a good time, I laughed, and besides the girl behind me texting her friend, and being tested while her phone was on vibrate, it was a splendid afternoon... I am thinking about doing callbacks a little differently... With the time given I think I will have each person read the script, tell them which parts I would like them to read for, and work with groups on each individual character... Not for a long time but just to get a feel of how they see and act out the character... I will also want to see the composition of them on stage... I mean all of my characters are lined up in front and I need them to look like they belong... I need the family to look like a family, and the friends to look around the same age... I need each actor to look the age, that would be ideal, but if they can act the age it might overcome their looking young... Well now I must be off to finish my first draft and hopefully smooth it out also... When I write it is rough draft, smoothing out, adding more or taking out certain things, and smoothing it out once again, so it will be a while I do believe...